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Diction Diction refers to the choice of words you use. Do you want to dismiss the opposition in the first paragraph? Excessive use of personal nouns [e. Rules concerning excellent grammar and precise word structure do not apply when quoting someone.

Academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars. Data and Knowledge Management About words — Chapter 3 3. Specific information and evidence are presented, analysed and applied to a particular problem or issue. No prefab model exists that will provide adequate structure for the academic argument.

If the question seems broad, how might you narrow it? Being concise in your writing also includes avoiding vague references to persons, places, or things.

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Consult the meaning of terms in specialized, discipline-specific dictionaries by searching the USC Libraries catalog or reference database [see above]. Watch your gendered pronouns. Your information may come from a variety of sources, but how much information you will need will depend on how much detail is required in the report.

She is telling you what sort of paper will be appropriate. Awareness of the words you use is important because words that have almost the same denotation [dictionary definition] can have very different connotations [implied meanings].

But before you do, consider some of the following tips, designed to make the process of writing an academic paper go more smoothly: Consider inserting the term "sic" in brackets after the quoted word or phrase to indicate that the quotation has been transcribed exactly as found in the original source, but the source has grammar, spelling, or other errors.

Purdue University; Academic Writing Style. You determine whether you are for or against, passionate or cool-headed. Avoid using terms whose meaning you are unsure of--don't just guess or assume!

The key to writing an effective report is to allocate time for planning and preparation. Rely on evidence over feeling.Student Learning Development Services Academic Writing MASSEY ( ) This guide has been written to provide a general introduction to writing reports.

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It outlines the typical structure of a report and provides a step by step guide to producing reports that are clear and well structured.

A report is written for a clear purpose and to a particular audience. Specific.


Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Because essays are essentially linear—they offer one idea at a time—they must present their ideas in the order that makes most sense to a reader.

Successfully structuring an essay means attending to a reader's logic. Academic writing is devoted to topics and questions that are of interest to the academic community. When you write an academic paper, you must first try to find a topic or a question that is relevant and appropriate - not only to you, but to the academic community of which you are now a part.

Glencoe Keyboarding with Computer Applications—Academic Report Format Guide 3 Formatting an Academic Report The MLA (Modern Language Association) style is commonly used for academic reports. The given Report Writing of the case study reveals the story of the Regency Grand Hotel.

The hotel started its journey 15 years ago and under the effective leadership of a Thai general manager it earned the reputation of being the most prestigious and most popular hotel in Bangkok.

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Academic writing organisational report
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